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Companies have concentrated a great deal of time and effort on the LAN (Local Area Network). This is all changing as the pressures of globalization and virtualization make companies focus more attention on the WAN (Wide Area Network).

The distance data has to travel is increasing greatly. For many businesses, the days when they accessed information from a server located in the same office building are pretty much over. Virtualization has given increased impetus to the centralization of data and applications, so data centers have sprung up to hold company information and business applications. Data and applications are now being pushed out to users in increasingly disparate branch and remote locations, while demands for mobile access are increasing almost exponentially.

At the same time, globalization means that businesses are frequently conducting operations around the world. WANs are typically spanning continents instead of a couple of states. The nature of modern, global business is 24/7 and the need for a true 24/7x365 network to support the business and users has emerged.

In short, we have massive amounts of data being pushed along long connections, to widespread locations from centralized data centers. Note, we haven’t even mentioned disaster recovery or business continuity yet, which adds a massive data burden to the mixture.

The problem is that many company networks are faced with a very real shortage of bandwidth. Bandwidth’s price is falling, but it is still expensive, and the reality is that for many, they are at the operating ceiling of their networks. This means that companies must either upgrade their network infrastructure or do much more with what they have, and this at a time when budgets are excessively constrained due to the economic situation.

WAN Optimization as the Answer

Investing in infrastructure upgrading is not required; indeed, it can be deferred by several years. The solution to bandwidth constraints and delivery of services to users is to do more with what you have. WAN optimization is the process by which the network is assessed and especially the data which is traveling along it. By controlling what data is being transmitted and in particular, allocating data priorities and eliminating chatty protocols, such as CIFS or making smart use of storing data in local cache’s, huge savings in bandwidth can be achieved. In addition, data transmission can also be greatly accelerated such that up to 90% savings in bandwidth usage can be achieved (and that is not an idle, blue-sky thinking figure).

The average payback for WAN optimization is typically between five and 13 months with no massive hardware investment to make. The results are immediate with bandwidth cost savings, but for many companies, once they have acquired freedom from bandwidth constraints, they tend to look at deploying additional business productivity tools to utilize the newly-freed bandwidth now available.

Typical deployments include establishing appropriate and effective disaster recovery and business continuity solutions; deploying a cost-saving VOIP solution as the first step in embarking on a Unified Communications strategy, and; centralizing data and applications to reduce operating costs and provide greater mobile access to users.

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Information security professional body (ISC)2 has announced a Young Professionals Group to attract young people to the field of  information security.

The initiative, part of (ISC)2's commitment to supporting newcomers to the profession, provides education and networking opportunities, and career support and guidance.

A pilot with eight (ISC)2 chapters was launched at the Second Annual (ISC)2 Security Congress on 9 September, with a full roll-out of the programme across the organisation planned for January 2013.

The programme is designed to attract more young people to the information security field, whether they are still in secondary school, recently graduated from university or new to the workforce.

It is open to aspiring and active cyber security professionals aged 35 and under who are looking for ways to bolster their careers and broaden their connections to the professional community.

Mentorship opportunities are also available through the programme for experienced professionals who would like to foster the next generation of professionals.

Growing security skills gap between generations(ISC)2 said the Young Professionals Group is in direct response to the widening gap between the demand for and supply of skilled information security professionals and to the absence of an existing effective pathway for young people into the profession. 

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According to (ISC)2's 2011 Global Information Security Workforce Study, 4.2 million information security professionals will be employed by government and private industry by 2015, yet less than 10% of the existing workforce is under the age of 29. 

Information security professionals enjoy a near full-employment market, in which job stability, high salaries and upward mobility are the norm, according to the (ISC)2 2012 Career Impact Survey.

"There is strong opportunity with growing recognition of our economic dependencies on a secure online business world," said John Colley, managing director for (ISC)2 in Europe.

He said the UK, with its Cyber Security Strategy, recognises that the internet drives prosperity, accounting for 21% of the country's GDP growth and 6% of overall GDP currently – nearly twice the average across developed economies.

"Getting young people on track to join the information security profession is critical to our future.The Young Professionals Group will not only help young people learn about the benefits of a career in this field, but it will also help the profession gain much better insight into the needs of the younger generation and how best to engage them," said Colley.

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Having air conditioning is a goal for many homeowners. The expense of central air is too much for some people to bear, but using some second hand parts and the help of a professional can cool things down in a hurry.

Everyone has that scrappy friend in their lives who likes to use second hand items or found parts to make their lives work. They might even apply these skills to air conditioning. These people are smart and savvy with their time and money. Randall is one such smart, scrappy individual. He believes that everything could be fixed with just a little time and energy invested. And, Randall has always had a knack for finding free or cheap goods, fixing them up. Somehow he always puts them to good use. Like when he found a free lawn mower on the side of the road and picked it up and took it home. With a little tinkering and time, Randall got it to work and now his yard is looking better than ever.

But, Randall had a bigger goal than just a well-kept lawn. Randall wanted to have central air in his old Victorian home. After living in his home for years with only a couple of old window units to cool the house, Randall decided it was time for central air. But, Randall felt he simply could not afford to have an air conditioning professional install a brand new unit.

But, after thinking about it, Randall thought maybe it is possible to use a second hand condenser unit and install it himself. So, he was on the lookout for a condenser unit. It was not long before he had found a free condenser in the newspaper. So, he thought it should be a cinch to hook up the condenser unit to the furnace and in no time he would be chilling out in comfort. After all, some of the websites he found said that with a weekend and basic tools it could be done. Unfortunately this was not the case. And, after several hours of work, Randall was surprised to find that hooking up a condenser to the furnace is much more complex than he thought.

Being the scrappy individual that he is, Randall did not want to give up. He wanted air conditioning, and he wanted it to be done soon. So he did his research about what it takes in order to make it work. After doing his research, he found that this job was going to take a professional in order to get it done right. He found that though he had a condenser, air conditioning took a few more components. Randall found that he would need a v coil, commonly known as an evaporator coil, some copper tubing and some other supplies to make it work correctly.

So, he made a few calls and found an air conditioning company that would use the condenser that Randall had found in the newspaper, coupled with the other proper tools and components to install central air. After all was said and done, Randall's home was cooler than ever at an affordable price. Article Tags: Condenser Unit

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