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Each time our children graduate from one stage to another (i.e. crawling - walking, preschool - school, highschool - graduation) we as parents are excited and a little sad as well. We want our children to grow up, but we reminisce about the "good old" days. I think those mixed feelings are normal for all of us. My question for you is - "Are your children growing up too fast emotionally and socially?" We can't stop their physical growth, but we can effect their emotional and social growth.

Our society is compressing childhood more and more to where children are not children for very long. We only have 18 years in our entire life to be children. We struggle as parents to keep our children innocent. Unfortunately, the events of September 11th stole away even more of our children's innocence.

Children are not little adults. Often, children dress like adults in miniature. Children want to emulate their teen or adult heroes in dress and talk. As parents we are fighting a raging river in keeping our children young and innocent. Society, schools, and parents are pushing children to grow up too fast.

Answer the following questions to see if your children are growing up too fast?

1. Do your children want to wear clothing that is designed for much older children?

2. Do your younger children want to watch TV shows designed for teenagers? Do your teenagers want to watch adult TV shows that contain sex and violence?

3. Are the books your children are reading age appropriate?

4. Are your children involved in so many extra-curricular activities they have no down time to just explore or goof off?

5. Are your children losing that wonderful "childish" sense of wonder about the world or do they know it all?

6. Do your find your children are growing increasingly inpatient and have to be entertained? Do they often say I'm bored?

7. Can you remember the last time you told your child you are not old enough to know about a certain topic and we will talk about it when you get older?

8. When was the last time you told your children, "No, you can't do that until your older or that outfit is not acceptable to wear in our family?"

9. Do you monitor what music your children listen to, computer games they play, Internet sites they visit - are they age appropriate?

10. Do your children hang out with much older kids who are not a good influence?

Hopefully, these questions have caused you to stop and think about how quickly your children are growing up. Due to society's pressures you will have to make a concerted effort to keep your children innocent. There will be parent and child peer pressure to force your children to do things early. You may not be a popular parent when you say No to something "everyone else is doing." Parenting is not for the fainthearted or a popularity contest.

In closing, let me relate a recent example. I was watching a morning news shoe and they were discussing summer camps for kids. The guest said more and more kids are looking for computer and science camps, in order to improve their resumes for college. I found myself yelling at the TV - "Why can't you just enjoy camp, instead of it looking good on a resume. When did camp stop being fun and started being work?"

Remember the wise words of King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 3:1 - "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." Childhood is a precious time and it is all ready much too short, keep your children innocent and protect their childhood.Links:, - The Ideal Gift For So Many Occasions
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Don't you just love it when non-writers assume that all a writer needs to do is sit around and wait to be struck by inspiration, then pound out a best-seller and become fabulously wealthy overnight? Yeah, me too!

If sitting around doesn't work for you, either, there are plenty of other ways to ac[censored] ulate story ideas. And once you have good ideas, it doesn't take a lot of effort to turn them into good stories. The process may not be quite as effortless as waiting for inspiration to strike, but if you follow these easy steps that have worked well for countless other writers, you will soon find yourself on the creative path to success!

The first thing you must do is be prepared to gather information that will stimulate the development of good story ideas. To accomplish this, you need to carry a pen and notepad or a voice recorder of some kind. If you don't log information about people and events right away, you might forget important details about them by the time you are able to get to your keyboard.

The poet William Wordsworth once said that successful writing comes from emotion recollected in tranquility, which obviously worked well for him. Did he take notes? Who knows? But Wordsworth did not have a full-time job, nor did he keep up the yard, shop for groceries or put up with the 1,001 other distractions most of us deal with on a daily basis. So be prepared to record snippets of conversations and descriptions of interesting sights and sounds, as well as all of the ideas and emotions they arouse in you.

Where do you start? That's easy. Study the people around you, in stores, at meetings, on planes. Who are they? What kind of lives do they lead? What caught your attention about certain ones? Politely eavesdrop on other diners in restaurants or on people waiting in lines with you. You will overhear the most amazing, not to mention extremely useful, story ideas!

Jog your memory by reading your old diaries or journals. If you don't have any, then read other people's published diaries and journals. Let your mind turn the words into videos that kindle ideas and emotions leading to perfect story-starters. Listen to music that moves you. From classical concertos to golden oldies, music is the background of our lives, so mine it for old memories or new ideas. Lie in the gr[censored] and stare at the clouds. Where have they been? Where are they going? Where would you like to go, and why?

Study both human interest and hard news stories in periodicals and on the Internet. Let an odd twist or turn you read or hear about kick-start your imagination. Or borrow fascinating fragments from other people's lives and mix and match them for your own use. Browse through your high school yearbooks. What do you think happened to some of the people pictured in them? (Even better, ask yourself what you hope happened!)

After you have gathered some good story ideas, choose several that appear ripe for development. Next, analyze them to decide about the fiction genres into which they fit. Mystery? Romance? Comedy? When you have made your decisions, write several paragraphs roughing out a plot for each one.

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The term 'thermogenic' refers to a group of drugs or herbs, which have the ability to stimulate the central nervous system and thyroid gland. The idea behind thermogenics is to decrease the appetite with a thermogenic fat burner while increasing the fuel burning capacity of the body. The body heat and energy levels are raised and thermogenic capacities accelerate to burn up calories.

Due to the decreased appetite that a thermogenic brings about fewer calories will be consumed, resulting in a loss of body weight. The calories that are eaten while using a thermogenic will be utilized as energy and not stored as body fat. Many people who want to lose weight find using a thermogenic fat burner extremely effective and there are many thermogenic products available.

The development of the thermogenic fat burner marks a true milestone in the ongoing battle many individuals have with their weight. Being able to control the appetite with a thermogenic fat burner makes it easier to reach and maintain a goal weight.

The body metabolism is greatly affected by the thyroid gland and stimulation with a thermogenic product speeds up metabolic fat burning activity resulting in thermogenic weight loss. When a thermogenic product is taken before a physical workout it gives an extra boost of energy to the body allowing for increased activity. The compounds found in a thermogenic fat burner usually include stimulants such as caffeine and ephedrine. While ephedrine is the subject of much debate, opinion indicates that it is relatively safe when used as intended and for short periods of time.

Side effects are usually a result of thermogenic product misuse by individuals seeking large weight loss in the shortest possible time. After using a thermogenic fat burner for 4 weeks, it is advisable to take a short break so as not to compromise the adrenal system. Thermogenic studies also show that after 6 weeks of using a thermogenic product, the effectiveness may begin to slow down.

Weight loss from a thermogenic fat burner may seem to take a longer time. Taking a break from thermogenics will balance the system again, allowing further thermogenic usage to be effective when resumed. A rest of about 4-8 weeks is usually recommended in which time the system should be restored.

A thermogenic fat burner should always be used responsibly and as indicated. For best results, a thermogenic fat burner should form part of a complete healthy lifestyle plan. Under these conditions, a large thermogenic weight loss can occur and be maintained by the body.

A balanced diet and physical exercise should be adhered to in order to experience the full benefits of a thermogenic fat burner. Healthy weight loss should be the goal when using a thermogenic fat burner.

Forcing a sudden thermogenic weight loss by starving the body or taking too much thermogenic fat burner can lead to health problems. Be sure to eat several small meals during the day to prevent your metabolism from slowing down. Using a thermogenic responsibly would also include discussing it with your doctor if you have hypertension, thyroid, prostate or cardio respiratory problems.

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