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Contrary to the usual definition of hemorrhoids as a sickness or a disease, they are actually vascular, or blood vessels, structures in the lower part of the digestive system, specifically the anus, that helps control the passage of stool. They become a sickness, or pathological, when they become inflamed, swollen and/or ruptured.

The types of hemorrhoids are actually determined by their position superior (above) or inferior (below) the dentate or pectinate line – a line that divides the upper 2/3s of the anus and the lower 1/3s of the rectal canal.

There are two typical types of hemorrhoids; internal hemorrhoids, which usually presents no pain, brought about by the usual absence of pain receptors – and external hemorrhoids, which is the exact opposite of the first one, plus bleeding when they become irritated.

What causes hemorrhoids?

There are lots of predisposing factors directly or indirectly affecting the occurrence of hemorrhoids in adults. Diet (low fiber), sedentary lifestyle (people who sit for extended period of time – which places prolonged pressure on the pelvic and rectal veins), body mass index (obese people tend to suffer more from it than people in the healthier half of the index), and exercise.

A number of contributing factors may lead to the development of hemorrhoids. This includes irregular bowel activity (constipation or diarrhea), increased and prolonged intra-abdominal pressure (continued straining), pregnancy, genetic predisposition, age, and the abnormal absence of valves within the rectal veins.

How can you prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids?

The most logical way to prevent hemorrhoids is to prevent the occurrence of its main cause – prolonged and abnormal pressure on the rectal veins.

-Prevent constipation - soften the stools by maintaining a balanced high-fiber diet (food high in fiber like green vegetables and fruits like apples, avocados, dried fruits)and consuming an adequate amount of fluids per day

-Avoid unnecessary strenuous activities that exerts extra pressure on the abdomen and rectum.It would be also advisable to empty the bowels as soon as the urge occurs, and avoid prolonged time in defecating, discard reading for an extended period of time while sitting on the toilet bowl.

What are the treatments for hemorrhoids?

Surgical treatment is usually done to those helpless or life-threatening cases. But they are done if the traditional or conservative procedures have failed, and of course, in the convenience of the patients.

-Cautery has been shown to be working for hemorrhoids in adults, but is usually only used if and when other methods fail. This can be done using infrared radiation,electrocautery, and/or laser surgery.

-Sclerotherapy includes the shot of a sclerosing agent into the affected veins. This causes the vein walls collapse and, thus, the hemorrhoids to wither.

-Hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical excision of the hemorrhoid used primarily only in severe cases.

Traditional treatment characteristically comprises of increasing dietary fiber, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs, oral fluids to maintain and increase hydration, Sitz baths – where you sit in a large basin of warm or cool water with or without soothing chemicals, and of course, total rest. Increasing fiber intake has been known to improve results, and may be attained by dietary changes or the consumption of supplemental fiber.

While many topicalagents (creams) and suppositories are available for the management of hemorrhoids in adults, though there is diminutive evidence to support their use. Agents containing steroids should not be used for more than two weeks as they may cause diminishing of the superficial layers of the skin.

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Many, credit Paul Eisler with creating the first circuit board in 1936, but in reality, the concept predates that by more than 30 years. As early in the 20th century as 1903, the precursors of the modern printed circuit board were patented.

You may well ask why, in 1903, was there even a need for printed circuit boards? The telephone of course! Most of us don’t recognize the fact that the invention of the telephone was the beginning of the information age, so highly touted in our time. Telephones required and incredible amount of wiring to connect with thousands upon thousands of subscribers. Electrical connections in the millions had to be made! Early work on printed circuit boards was geared to resolve those connectivity problems.

Today, information technology remains a principal driving force behind the innovations being made in printed circuit boards. Printed circuit boards are found in everything from radios, to automobiles, to laptops, to satellite, to missiles, and to automatic washing machines. Chances are high that if it plugs in or requires batteries, it has a printed circuit board.

When I was a child in the late fifties, no,1950’s, I had a portable Zenith short wave radio. I lived in the mid-west and enjoyed listening to WBZ in Boston at night. At that time, they were a rock music station and played all the hits of the day. This “portable” radio was about 20 to 25 pounds of wires, tubes and transformers. I guess what made it portable was the black leather handle affixed to the top of the case. I think the radio was manufactured in the 30’s. I can’t even recall how I came to own it. My friends had truly portable transistor radios, some only just slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes. Inside these miraculous gadgets were tiny transistors, resistors, capacitors and diodes perched on a green board with a maze of copper roads connecting the components, a printed circuit board! Primitive by today’s standards but a miracle of technology when I was young!

It is amazing how far we’ve come! Now, the cell phone is not only a wireless phone, it is a camera, a recorder, an AM-FM radio, an address book, a phone book, a music player, a flashlight and a photo album. What have I left out? No matter, the point is the printed circuit board’s continual refinement has made all this technology possible and at a fraction of the price we paid for the old Zenith short wave, in constant dollars.

Printed circuit boards can be mass-produced in an automated process. Because of automated mass production, these high tech products are possible at prices that are affordable.

From its humble beginnings, early in the twentieth century, as crude flat strips of metal glued to paper and immersed in paraffin, to the glass substrates with thin ribbons of copper selectively deposited on its surface by electrolysis, to the CAD software that allows computer design prior to manufacture, the PCB has reached a level of sophistication unimagined a mere 50 years ago.

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Men in relationships sometimes tend to wander onto prohibited land mines. They carry on their daily activities along with bad habits without having even the slightest idea that the habits are destroying their courses. You might claim to be innocent but if maintaining habits girls hate there is a probability that you are slowly turning your girl against you. Women are different in many aspects but their are some particular things that indicate you are not treating her right. She might keep it a secret but she hates the following habits. If you are never punctual for anything you are not earning any marks with your girl. Apart from some unavoidable emergencies lack of punctuality indicates lack of commitment to the plans you have made together. It might not be intended but it shows lack of understanding and respect for your girl.

Your lateness might be jeopardizing your other relationships too. Do not continue with this tradition of being late. "I forgot" might seem as a perfect excuse in your life but it is among the habits girls hate most. Forgetfulness is forgiven in small measures and mostly when the result is not so important. A consistent habit of always missing the finer details pisses off those around you your girlfriend included. Men irritate mostly because they rarely forget about the things which are important to them. They always remember to pick up their beer on their way home and also that poker game. It is funny that when it comes to small favors or dates they are not eager to attend, their memory lets them down. Girls will usually translate your forgetfulness about her birthday, or promises as mere ignorance. She does not matter to you, so soon you might as well forget about her as she forgets about you.

Girls hate finding out from an outsider something about their guy. Everyone has some little skeletons in the closet. You keep on hoping that she will never find out. To keep your relationship safe, just fill her in on the secret. Once she finds out by herself it will be such a blow to the relationship you will be shocked. Omitting the little details is only allowed in the first and second date. After that you are to let her take you in with all your messes and your strong points. When it comes to occasions like birthdays, weddings or even her grandfathers' 55th anniversary party, you ought not to underestimate it as it is among the habits girls hate. Your presence counts but your enthusiasm counts more. Attend the occasions while well-dressed, impressed and off course with a gift. On valentine's day do not even dare whine about how insignificant it is. She is well aware that your romance is not determined by the world's convention but it is important to her therefore it is important.

Girls hate it when men stare at other women. They feel that their own looks are undermined and they also feel embarrassed. It is among habits girls hate when he is so distracted by other women such that it becomes hard for him to concentrate on his date. Stop commenting about other women and gawking at them. Be kind to give your girl the admiration and the respect she deserves. Women play a game of zero-sum of comparing themselves with other women. If you compliment another girl's hair she will assume that hers is not good enough to be noticed.

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Concession Equipment can greatly enliven a fair, block party, or any other community event you're involved in. They can be the central attraction that makes everything much more fun and exciting. Concession Stand Equipment can add to such recreation by lightening the mood and adding a festive feeling to the gathering. From cotton candy machines to popcorn machines, you can be sure that concession equipment will satiates the taste buds of kids but also lightens things up for adults as well.

Entertaining large groups of people can be challenging. You never know what everyone will be interested in doing. However, you do know that salty, sweet, and otherwise tasty snacks will always be a big hit for all those involved. Having concession stands on hand can give you a way to ensure the festival doesn't begin with a lot of excitement and then die from lack of enthusiasm. Concession equipment is as close to a panacea for curing boredom as we have, which is why setting up concession stands is a sure-fire way to keep the gathering fun and interesting.

Selling popcorn, soft drinks, and cotton candy is a way of increasing the energy of the festival and of getting persons to revel in enthusiasm and excitement. It helps entertain families with children, and indeed allows parents to treat their kids to something special.

Concession stand equipment will help you bring any gathering or festival you are a part of to life. They can be a cost-effective solution for staging events because you can reuse them again and again. This one-time investment repays over and over. If you want your fair or block party to go off without a hitch, then you need to have the right equipment. Concession equipment will help you cater the event that you have in mind. They can ensure that the party is fun and engaging, and that everyone who attends has a good time. All you need to do is find the right supplier of your home theater popcorn machine and you can entertain your guests for hours at a time with fun and laughter.

Finding a supplier that sells quality products and that is trustworthy and honest is very important. You have a budget and you should be able to make the purchases you need to without the exceeding the funds you have allocated for it. Getting the best deal for your money ought to be part of the plan.

Fortunately, finding the concession equipment that is right for you is not that difficult. The best place to begin is the worldwide web. Most equipment suppliers offer their products on the web; and a cursory search will put you in touch with companies that offer top-of the-line concession stands. You will be able to compare price and value, and you will also be able to find out the re[censored] tion of the vendor you're dealing with. Using the web will also enable you to find a concession equipment supplier that has a proven track record of delivering high quality products and great customer service.

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The primary purpose of good credit is to save you money by helping you procure lower interest rates that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you. Interestingly, some consumers fail to recognize this fact when considering the appropriate option for debt resolution. The main reason for this is a lot of people interpret their credit on an emotional level instead of a rational one. That is, they think of their credit score as something more than it is---something more than just ONE tool that lenders look at to determine whether giving you a loan will be profitable for them---and it becomes a matter of pride, not a matter of financial health. In the end, the mistake of thinking about one’s credit on an emotional level instead of a rational one can cost a consumer buried in credit card debt and only able to afford minimum payments thousands of dollars in finance charges and even more in the years of life consumed by financial anxiety.

Another part of the problem is that most people, even when trying to tackle the issue rationally, do not understand what makes up their credit score. The largest components of your credit score---your credit history and the amount you owe---are both influenced by debt settlement, one negatively (credit history) and one positively (the amount you owe). Although your credit history is marginally more important than the amount you owe when factoring your score, the difference (5%) is rarely enough to compensate for the savings from enrolling credit card debt into a settlement program. The more money you’re able to save from enrolling in a debt settlement program, the less the credit impact should be considered a factor. Why? Because any higher interest rates that you’ll end up paying down the road as a result of the credit impact will rarely outweigh the money you saved by settling credit card debt. So who in the end benefits the most from a settlement program----1) people who owe a lot; 2) people who can only afford to pay the minimums; 3) people who are paying high interest; and 4) all of the above. To illustrate this point, consider the following examples.

Let’s assume that you owe $30,000 in credit card debt. Your average annual percentage rate on these cards is 19 percent, and you are only able to afford the minimum monthly payment, which in your case adds up to $750 total. Given this scenario, it would take you approximately 12 years and $108,000 before finally you dug out of debt. In a debt settlement program, however, it would take approximately 3 years and $16,500 total to eliminate your debt. That’s a $91,500 difference versus making the minimum payments. Rarely will your subsequent higher interest rates ever make up the savings from debt settlement, especially when you consider the fact that you can always refinance any loans once you’ve built up enough equity.

One of the most frustrating things to come across in our industry is a consumer who owes a lot and is only able to afford the minimums, but was still unwilling to sacrifice their credit even in the slightest bit in order to climb out of debt and save money. I recently dealt with a consumer from the South Side of Chicago who was $40,000 in the hole with credit cards. His interest rates were at 29 percent and he was only able to afford the minimum payments, which amounted to $1700 total in his case. When he tried to convince the creditors to lower the rates, they simply told him that based on the amount of outstanding debt on his credit report he was too much a credit risk, so they needed to charge him higher interest. When he tried to obtain a home equity loan, he was turned down for the same reason, even though his credit score was in the high 600s. Yet when I mentioned that our debt settlement program might impact his credit negatively, he scoffed. There was no way he would ever affect his credit negatively. At the end of our conversation, I tried to referring him to our affiliate credit counseling company, but he wasn’t interested because enrollment in a debt management plan would appear on his credit. His decision to stay on course with the minimum payments will ultimately cost him over $20,000 a year and probably his young children the opportunity to attend a 4 year college, maybe more.

By failing to be realistic and rational in his approach to the impact of debt settlement on his credit, this consumer worsened his financial situation significantly. He thought of his credit score not as something that can save him money by getting him lower interest rates on loans, but rather as some sort of social marker on where he was at in life. He considered the idea of a negatively affected credit score probably much like someone in the Middle Ages thought about the idea of being excommunicated or the way a 14 year old feels about not being part of the “in crowd” at school.

When considering your debt resolution options, I urge you to look at the options available to you realistically. When comparing debt settlement to the other options available to most consumers I find myself famous Winston Churchill quote on democracy:

Debt settlement is the worst form of debt resolution, except for all the rest of them.

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How many diet plans are there? Millions literally! So how do you know which diet plan is the right one for you?

First you have to know what your eating habits are? Do you like meat? Are you a pasta lover? How much will power do you have? Before you start any diet plan not only should you consult with your doctor but you need to know what you like and how you eat.

I challenge you to take a week and do some research online at all the different types of diet plans available. During this week write down everything you eat, yes I said everything; including all the add on’s such as creamer, sugar, mayonnaise, mustard etc etc. Write it all down so you can see the pattern to your eating habits.

Below are a couple popular diets plus the diet I created for myself that I find much easier to follow:


Atkins diet is a low carb diet, perfect for you if you like eating a lot of meat and won’t miss pastas. The only drawback is that many of the foods you can eat actually are high fat foods. So you need to weigh, no pun intended, the benefits along with the high fat eating solutions to see if this is the diet for you. The Sonoma Diet

(The diet contains 3 phases).

Phase 1 Lasts 10 days and aims to curb specific food cravings. Note that unlike many other diets, this phase does not restrict carbohydrates but includes whole grain cereals and breads.

Phase 2 The primary weight loss phase. A broad range of foods, including wine and many fruits.

Phase 3 Once your ideal weight has been reached, this is the life-long maintenance phase. Draw Backs: do you enjoy eating Mediterranean foods? If you do this is the perfect diet for you.

The Low Fat Diet

I personally like the low fat diet, there may be a diet plan out there for this specific type of diet but this is the way I lose weight and to be honest it’s the easiest way to lose weight. When I need to lose weight and I just don’t feel like following a specific diet plan or spending all that money on new foods that are not in my house already I choose to count fat grams. I have read that to maintain your normal weight range you need to stay at around 30 grams of fat intake a day. So when I want to lose weight I go between 20-25 fat grams a day and increase my exercise workouts by one to two days a week.

For instance if I was exercising 3 times a week I go to 4-5 times a week, alternating with aerobic and weight training.

So for every food item I want to eat I read how much fat grams are in the food item. Then I write down the food item in a journal with the fat grams written right next to the food item. Once I have reached the 20-30 grams of fat for the day I start supplementing my foods with more fruits and vegetables.

For instance if I go out with friends to eat and we are eating pizza I know that I can have one slice of pizza and only have eaten about 15 grams of fat, so for the rest of the day I need to carefully monitor my fat intake. BUT I was still able to eat my favorite food with my friends.

This type of diet does take some time to get use to but after trying so many other diets I like the simplicity of just counting my fat grams and upping my exercise routine.

Here’s to your health.

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If you are overweight, do you know that losing weight can be fun and easy if you know how to. Women can achieve the sexy bikini body and men can get rid of tummy fat through healthy eating and performing the right exercises to sculpt their various body parts.

Women are generally more conscious about their body image as compared to men and that is why many women are victims to fraudulent weight loss schemes and products. The media's portrayal of thin waif-like models as being sexy and beautiful compounded the problem further because this unhealthy idealization of thinness are the cause of many unhealthy eating habits and crash fad diets.

You must understand that in order to achieve a truly fit and sexy body, you have to embark on a weight loss program that promotes healthy weight loss. If you have the budget for it, then seek professional help from credible fitness personal trainers. Good and healthy weight loss programs do not promise instant result, but gradual and sustainable improvements to achieve your ideal weight.

People can lose weight intentionally or unintentionally. Intentional weight loss involves a conscious effort on your part to lose your excessive poundages which may include healthy eating habits, exercise and weight loss supplements. For extreme obesity cases, one can undergo surgeries such as lap band and bypasses.

On the other hand, unintentional weight loss is usually the result of some sunderlying serious medical problems which must be diagnosed and medical treatments are usually necessary. This is because unintentional weight loss may be caused by diseases such as cancers, diabetes and metabolic problems, all of which can be dangerous.

The first step to a healthy weight loss program is to set a realistic goal and the following are some of the weight loss methods you should not do.

Fad diets and crash dieting - Many studies have conclusively proven that crash diets (extremely low calorie diets) are not effective and can only result in more weight gain when you go off the diets. Certain fad diets may be dangerous in the long run resulting in serious medical complications if not done improperly.

Unproven weight loss products - You can buy many weight loss products in the open market these days without your doctor's prescription. But how do you know if these products can help you to lose weight or you are simply wasting your money on something that do not work or worse, even dangerous to your well being?

You should know that the FDA has reported that most of these of these over the counter products, especially weight loss pills have not undergone strict testing by the government and as such, the long term effects of these products can be questionable.

Consumers of these products are advised to take these products with careful consideration and not easily fall prey to exaggerated claims and shady customer testimonials.

So what are the healthy ways to lose weight easily? The answers lies in adopting healthy eating habits and correct weight loss exercises. Of course you know that, but are you doing them or rather, doing them in the right and proper way?

First of all, you need to consult a professional such as nutritionist, dietitian or even a fitness personal trainer. These professionals can help you understand more about your body and weight as well as giving you sound advice on what weight loss methods you can adopt to help you lose weight naturally the healthy way.

A personal trainer can also plan an exercise program for you that is unique to yourself taking your present physical fitness and goals into consideration because no two persons are alike. Your personal trainer can also help you to sculpt your body parts to get the sexy curves and attractive muscle tone for ladies and get six pack abs or the irresistible adonis bodyshape for men. With good professional help, losing weight can be an easy, fun and healthy process.

Chris Chew is a fitness, health and relationship consultant. Read his free articles at Singapore Fitness Gym Instructors and Lose Weight Get Slim Sexy Body For WomenLinks:windows virtual memory too low,ARKIPC.dll,MSCMS.dll,SANDBOXBROKER.dll,SMSGROUPPUBLISHER.dll,XGRAPHIC32.dllHow To Add Class To Your Home With Hardwood Floors
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