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Cypress tables, though beautiful, rarely get a second thought. That is because few people are familiar with the diverse and interesting history of the wood that stems from ancient times. Also, because the tree is not indigenous to the United States, a lot less is known about how it stacks up to popular American species, like teak, cedar and oak. The following fact versus fiction set-up will help the potential buyer to make an informed decision before settling on anything else at the expense of cypress furniture.

Myth: Cypress trees are only found on Cyprus

Truth: Yes and no. The species is indeed native to the island of Cyprus, but it is also common to other regions in the Near PPT97: Slide Show Unexpectedly Ends After Hyperlinking East and Mediterranean. As a matter of fact, the cypress, Latin name Cupressus Sempervirens, was the tree of choice for Persian royal gardens thousands of years ago. Since then, the popularity of the wood has The End of the World is Nigh! Chapter 1 spanned the globe because of its attractive grain and durable nature. In the colonial era, cypress was often used to build homes, and today it is often seen in furniture, bridges, porches and more.

Myth: The oldest tree in the world is OLE Toolkit Available In Microsoft Software Library a Cypress planted in the year of Christ’s birth

Truth: This one is also a half-truth. The cypress species, a conifer in the family Cupresseaceae, is credited with having the oldest Patio Furniture For Your Outdoor Room specimen in existence. It can be found in Soma, Lombardy, a region of Italy. However, researchers have found that the tree How to Train Your Puppy Properly is in fact older than first The Top 5 Longest Rivers in Europe believed, having been around for about 40 years before Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Stops Responding When You Use The BSTRConverter Interface the birth of Christ. At an impressive 120 feet high, it is also the tallest known cypress tree. Another famous cypress, this one in Monza, Italy, measures 90 feet and is said to be 150 years old. Most trees, though, rarely grow above 50 to 60 feet tall, unlike some other towering hardwoods. A cone-shaped branch structure and short stem give the tree its unique and unmistakable shape.

Myth: Cypress is a softwood, and therefore no good for building

Truth: The truth is, cypress actually is a softwood, but because of its properties, is often grouped with and grown alongside hardwoods. The wood of the cypress tree is hard and durable, owing to its evolution in a variant climate. The straight, close grain of the wood makes it strong, while being naturally resistant to fungus, insects and weather damage. In addition, cypress tables are coated with cypressine, a naturally produced oil which preserves the wood and helps against cracking, warping and splitting. For building, the wood is ideal because it is lightweight and with few knots.

Myth: Cypress wood OL97: Only First Call Connects With Gateway Voice Modem is not as good-looking as cedar or other richly colored woods

Truth: Completely untrue! Cypress tables can take on a lighter color, but the most common shade is a gorgeous reddish-brown hue. Over time, this color, like any other wood left untreated, will fade to an elegant grayish silver as a result of exposure to the sun. Besides, not many other woods can claim the lush, spicy aroma OFFXP: Office Assistant Is Hidden When You Click Help Topic Suggestion of cypress resin.

Myth: Cypress brings bad luck

Truth: This is also untrue. Cypress has gotten a bad rap because of its involvement in mythology. In Greek legend, it was associated with the underworld, grief and mourning. It also played a predominant role in ancient Roman funerary rites. In modern times, cypress trees can still be found in many Western and Muslim cemeteries. However, these negative connotations should An Unbiased Overview of Text Cash Network not deter the buyer. Take chrysanthemums as an example. Considered by Americans to be a beautiful blossom which makes a great gift in bouquets, in Japan the chrysanthemum is given solely at funerals and is called the flower of death. Rest assured, cypress tables can do wonders livening up a dull room or patio setting. Though not as well known as American woods, cypress furniture is some of the most unique and worthwhile available on the market.

Tonya Kerniva is an experienced research and free lance writing professional. She writes actively about Cypress Furniture and Cypress Furniture .

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